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Tree living provides a rich interaction with nature and a tangible understanding of the need to preserve our heritage and our natural resources. We aim to express this need through all our aerial tree constructions.

Respect for the environment, and creativity are at the heart of our work. Tree houses and aerial circuits have endless possibilities and long lives. All of our constructions reflect a commitment to sustainable development and respect the integrity of the environment where they are created and where they will stand for years to come. 

Suspended aerial circuits, observation platforms or tree houses can be integrated with a destination  such as national parks, campgrounds, outfitters, ZECs, ornithological clubs or simply on your property for private use ... From a simple tree house to a more complex 'village' in the trees, we adapt each project to its environment and to those who will be enjoying  it. 

We appreciate the rare sensations, and enjoy creating the unique experiences, that can be felt when off the ground and up in the trees. This is our vocation and our passion.

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