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Customized - Four season - Living

Because treehouses are a symbol of freedom and a break from the norm, we make tree houses as everyone dreams them to be. We prefer to use natural and recycled materials that challenge the senses, to design and realize warm spaces that help us reconnect with simplicity, to create what helps us forget the stresses of everyday life.
We can realize almost any plan and will design your projects to suit your individual needs. The concept and design will help you appreciate your space in an entirely new way!

Treehouses… A treehouse or a home in the trees?

One cannot help thinking about our childhood forts – a cabin perched a few feet off the ground, made of any material at hand - reflecting our recklessness – our imagination. Much  like the Swiss family Robinson wooden platforms and suspended bridges, today’s treehouses ae the stuff of dreams, yet they are very real . We are able to build basic to luxurious treehouses, we can add observation decks, and gazebos. All up in the trees! Accessible via a staircase or more interesting means such as zip lines or suspended bridges...

Treehouse Structures :  A treehouse – without a tree?

What if there aren't any trees or they are not big enough to build on, but you still want a treehouse? If this is the situation, not to worry! We can build treehouses on stilts like at Les Refuges Perchés Mont-Tremblantand can incorporate the smaller trees as decoration rather than as load bearing structure.
For public use or for your own pleasure - Come on up - the view is breathtaking!!!!

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