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treehouse mont tremblant


Since 2009, Vivre Perché has been involved in all aspects of construction up in the air; treehouses, zip lines, bridges, observation decks, platforms and more. These structures integrate harmoniously into your space and allow you to appreciate your property in a whole new way.

Our main area of expertise is aerial construction or working up high, We are expert climbers and cabinet makers. Our aerial skills have enabled us to develop original solutions to connect observation platforms, interpretive trails and tree houses.

Through aerial construction we can facilitate interactions with nature, and sensitize users to the importance of preserving and managing the forest and all its biodiversity for future generations.

Suspended walkways, observation platforms or tree houses, all can be integrated into existing commercial structures, National parks, campgrounds, outfitters, ZECs, ornithological clubs or simply on your property for private use. From a simple tree house to a more complex ‘village’ in the trees, we adapt each project to its environment and the needs of our clients.

The environment is at the heart of who we are and it is always protected in what we do. Respect for the forest, its trees and the surrounding environment is inherent in all our projects, it is the space in which we create.

All our Tree house, zip line and other projects include :

  • Expert Design Services; for all your Treetop adventures
  • Consulting Services; planning & support, inspection and maintenance
  • Quality Construction

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