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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do Vivre Perché only design and build tree houses?

We also built suspended decks, treezebos and suspended bridges, zip lines and anything that is related to aerial landscaping.

Do the trees will be damaged?

The systems to anchor beams and cables have been used for many years and do not kill the trees. We use specific bolts for the connections so the sap can flow freely to the canopy. Sap will flow into vertical channels so the key is not to compromise these channels horizontally in the same circumference area. Any intervention to a tree, would it be cutting a limb or adding weight and so on, trees will have an impact but trees have an amazing ability to adapt to those interventions.

Is building permission required?

This will depend largely on what you want to build, its location, its size, the height of the structure and what you intend to use it for.

Which trees are best?

We are looking for hardwood species such as maple sugar, yellow birch, oak, and some softer wood may be ok such as the white pine. Other species might be used for small structures and zip line course platforms.

How long does it all take?

On average, construction takes between two to six weeks depending on the size of your project. Weather, availability for custom materials, access to work site are just examples on how a project schedule could be compromised.

How much will it cost?

It could be a suspended bridge with a zip line to a full course with a tree house and decks, that’s entirely up to you. Important things to consider, the higher we have to build, the longer we have to pull cables, the denser the forest, the difficulty for the access, the more expensive it will be. We are unable to give an approximate price until we have completed a full evaluation of your site and your needs. However, we are happy to work around your budget to ensure we create the perfect project for you.

Ok, I want to go ahead with my project!

We are delighted to arrange an initial consultation at a convenient time in order to:

  • Listen to your ideas and ambitions
  • Present a selection of possibilities for inspiration.
  • Discuss financial budgets.
  • Discuss planning issues.
  • Discuss and explain timescales and logistics.
  • Discuss the surrounding environment and assess suitable locations.
  • Design your circuit.

We charge evaluation fees, that can be deducted from the construction invoice

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