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Treehouse Builders Ottawa
Mont-Tremblant • Ottawa • Montreal

Treehouse Builders Ottawa

At Vivre Perché, our primary goal is to construct beautiful treehouses and other projects that facilitate your interaction with nature. We don’t just build aerial structures – we fulfill your dreams of running, gliding, and even sleeping in the canopy of a tree. 

Our treehouse builders in Ottawa and the surrounding area have more than 10 years of experience in everything from climbing to cabinetry. Our structures are beautiful, functional, and last for generations.

Our Aerial Building Process 

We’re committed to working closely with our clients to design and execute their vision. 

Our Ottawa treehouse and zipline builders are adept at using both recycled and natural materials to create anything from treehouses to zip lines, suspension bridges, and observation decks. Our structures always integrate harmoniously into their natural environment, and we work diligently to ensure that our anchoring systems provide safety without harming your trees. 

Observation Platforms and Terraces 

Feel closer to nature on a private, canopy-level observation platform or terrace. Designed to suit the needs of your environment, these treetop escapes can be built to any height or size and styled to your specifications.  

Bridges and Foot Bridges 

Criss-cross from tree to tree with our suspended bridges and foot bridges. These structures are built with safety in mind, and can be used to connect different platforms and treehouses, creating an entire ecosystem in the canopy. We can build bridges with wooden decking, or in the traditional Nepalese style with only cables and ropes. 

Ziplines and Aerial Games 

Originally used by mountaineers to zoom from peak to peak, our ziplines can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Make a network of ziplines into an aerial challenge game, or use them as a simple, eco-friendly way to transport people and materials from place to place.  

Expert Treehouse Builder in Ottawa 

Whether you’re looking for a treehouse in Ottawa for your children or grandchildren, or a fully built network of aerial cabins connected by a suspension bridge, our Ottawa Treehouse builders can help you design and plan the elevated structure of your dreams. With our aerial games, ziplines, and observation platforms, you can explore the upper reaches of the forest, and build a deeper appreciation for the environment that surrounds you.

We offer Treehouse planning and building services to the local cities of Mont-Tremblant, Montreal and Ottawa.

treehouse builders mont tremblant

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